Wedding Venues and Wedding Reception Halls

Sample Wedding Invitation Wording

Part of your wedding plan should include sending wedding invitations before the ceremony and then sending wedding announcements after the ceremony. The design of your wedding invitation is based on the style of the event (casual or formal) and who will host the event. Here are samples that cover the most common weddings. You may also customize the verse to reflect the couples feelings.

Casual Wedding Ceremony

Please join us
For a celebration of love, friendship, laughter, and family
Katharine Eileen Roberts
Michael Alexander Dower
Join their hands in holy matrimony
Saturday, July 17, 2007
4 o'clock in the afternoon
Pine Brook Country Club
Atlanta, Georgia
Champagne and dessert reception to follow

Bride and groom are hosting the wedding themselves:

The honor of your presence is requested
At the marriage of
Tory Carlton Booth
Ricky Norman Jefferson
Saturday, the seventh of July
At eight o'clock in the evening
Saint Julian Hotel
New York, NY

Brides Parents are Hosting the wedding

Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter
Juliana Janet White
James William Johnson
Saturday, the tenth of July
At six o'clock in the evening
Lyon Crest Manor
Boulder, Colorado

We invite you to be with us
at a celebration
of the miracle of love
when our daughter
Janet Quinton Williamson
Franco Leonardo Washington
join together in the bonds of marriage
on Saturday, the first of June
Two thousand and seven
at two o'clock in the afternoon
Saint Francis’s Church
333 Lucky Street
Richmond, Virginia

A life of sharing, caring
A love of endless giving together
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Lillian Wanda Baron
Jeffrey Hull Lancaster
on Saturday, the ninth of July
Two thousand and seven
at three o'clock in the afternoon
Saint Julian’s  Church
1200 Canyon Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Both Parents are hosting the wedding:

Mary Sandra Virgil
and Hans  Jake Millard
enter into their new life together,
their parents
Mr. and Mrs. Theo Jamison Curry
and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Trent Jones
invite you to share in the joy
when their children unite in marriage
on Friday, third of July
Two Thousand and Seven
at 8our o'clock in the evening
Ridge view Botanical Gardens
22 Beach Street
South Bend, North Carolina