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Wedding Songs

Most formal weddings are a sequence of events that are choreographed to music. To make your wedding planning easier, we have compiled a huge list of songs based on the timing during the wedding and reception. Our database includes the most popular wedding songs so you don't have to weed through thousands of inappropriate tunes to find the perfect playlist for your wedding. Many of the songs have videos, lyrics, and links to site that allow downloads.

Wedding Ceremony Songs

Prelude Wedding Songs Processional Wedding Songs Interlude Wedding Songs
Prelude Songs Processional Songs Interlude Songs
Played prior to the beginning of the official wedding ceremony. Usually played as the important guests and wedding party are seated. Transition songs during the ceremony.
Wedding Candle Songs Wedding Recessional Songs Wedding Postlude Songs
Candle Songs Recessional Songs Postlude Songs
Songs played during the optional Candle Ceremony. Played as the couple/wedding party leave the wedding ceremony. Played while guests leave, after the Recessional.

Reception Songs

Bouquet Toss Songs Wedding First Dance Songs Mother-Son Dance Songs
Bouquet Toss Songs First Dance Songs Mother Son Songs
Some playful options for tossing the bouquet Romantic Songs for the first dance by the bride and groom. These are special song perfect for a mother-son dance.
Father-Daughter Dance Songs Wedding Dinner Songs Cake Cutting Songs
Father Daughter Songs Wedding Dinner Songs Cake Cutting Songs
These are special song perfect for a father-daughter dance. This sample of song is for wedding that include a formal dinner. Cutting the cake is a central event in the reception but it can get a little dirty.
Last Dance Songs Popular Wedding Songs Cocktail Hour Songs
Last Dance Songs Popular Wedding Party Cocktail Hour Music
End the reception with a special dance song. Some of the most popular wedding dance tunes ever. A little more key for those who want a cocktail party atmosphere are their reception.
Group Dance Specialty Songs    
Group Dance Specialty Music    
When the reception gets wild, bring on the group dance tunes.    
Once you have selected your wedding music, it is time to think about the wedding speeched for the Groom, Bride, Best Man and Maid of Honor.


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