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Welcome to our Watertown and Fort Atkinson summary of reception facilities, wedding locations and wedding venues. This summary also includes Jefferson and Johnson Creek. By combining these four smaller areas into one micropolitan area, we get an area with a combined population of approximately 80,000 residents. Most areas of this size will have a good selection of wedding venues, wedding sites and banquet halls. We have also included the communities of Old Lebanon, Sugar Island, Ebenezer, Grellton., Pipersville, and Richwood in this directory of wedding facilities to give you a wider selection of banquet facilities and wedding sites. Other than the wedding spots listed below, it is also very common to have traditional religious ceremonies at one of the Lutheran and Catholic churches in the area.

Many happy couples then choose to have their wedding at the church they attend every weekend and host their reception at another facility. This allows the happy couple to entertain their guests in a more casual environment. Many of the local hotels and restaurants facilities Watertown and Fort Atkinson area are available for wedding receptions. You may also consider an outdoor wedding in one of the local parks, golf courses or gardens in the Watertown and Fort Atkinson. For outdoor weddings is also very popular to have ceremonies on the banks of a river such as the Rock River. If you plan your wedding when the weather is more moderate, then you can have an outdoor ceremony that is both inexpensive and unique.

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