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As one of the most remote and smallest cities in the WebforWedding directory, Platteville offers a very modest selection of wedding venues and reception halls. Actually, Platteville would be a ghost town if it wasn't for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. With almost 7000 students or 70% of the population of Platteville, there are very few residents in the area that are not associated with the University.

The area is slowly developing as a white-collar city based on the strong engineering programs of UW-P. Still, if you're planning a wedding in Platteville there are just a couple basic options. You can choose from an on-campus wedding, a traditional wedding at a local church, an outdoor wedding, or having your wedding and reception hosted at a hotel or restaurant. You may also consider contacting one of the men's clubs like the Shriners or Masons to see if they have a room available as a discount banquet facility. You may also use the links on the right side of this page to expand your search into other parts of Wisconsin. Expanding your search will give you a greater chance of uncovering the perfect wedding site, wedding location or reception hall.

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