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Ulster County and the City of Kingston are a lovely area for both weddings and receptions.  This small and romantic town has many of the usual options for wedding venues and reception locations. If you live in Uptown Kingston or Downtown Kingston, you will find a standard selection of religious ceremony locations.  Most religions are represented in the area so you can contact your preferred church to get more information about using their facility for your wedding and reception.  You may also consider one of the local chapels if you prefer a less religious ceremony.  A nondenominational chapel can offer the traditional feel of a church wedding for those who are not tied to one specific religion.

Another option is to contact some of the local motels and restaurants to see if they have meeting facilities or private rooms that can be reserved for occasions such as rehearsal dinners, pre-wedding parties, and small wedding receptions.  Many of these facilities work with special caterers that specialize in buffets.  If you prefer an outdoor wedding, there are several options available here too. Many of the public parks and some of the outdoor garden areas can be used as a wedding venue.  In some of the more historic areas of Kingston, you may also find unique and romantic options for either your wedding or reception. The Rondout one of the most well known steeples in the area and it may be an addition to your wedding plan

For extremely limited budgets, consider having your wedding and reception in a neighbor's yard for have a civil ceremony at the courthouse.  The more money you save on the wedding, the more money you will have available for your honeymoon.  If you have trouble finding a Kingston wedding venue, expand your search to some of their surrounding New York areas.  In general New York has thousands of unique and interesting wedding locations and reception halls.

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