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Northampton and Hampshire County continue to be one of the best areas for a romantic and intimate wedding. Like most of Massachusetts, the area is rich with history and culture that make every wedding a memorable experience. The Northampton has both indoor and outdoor wedding venue and reception hall options. Lush and inviting garden areas surround the Northampton area. Roberts Hill Conservation Area, Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area, Look Park, Mineral Hills Conservation Area, Saw Mill Hills Conservation Area and Rainbow Beach are just a few of the park areas that can be part of any natural wedding. The Botanic Garden of Smith College is another beautiful area that could be a potential wedding spot.

Northampton has a good selection both new and historic churches. The First Church located on Main Street is the most well known church in the area.  The Smith College also includes a church facility. If you choose to have a traditional religious ceremony, you may plan to have your reception at the church or at a secondary facility.  Many churches offer simple reception halls but for more upscale weddings, you will probably want to find more interesting venue.

For students at the Smith College who are planning a wedding ceremony, contract administration to find out what special wedding facilities are available on campus.  You can also contact some of the local hotels and restaurants to see if they have rooms large enough to host your wedding reception.  If you are looking for an extreme budget wedding then a civil ceremony or simple garden wedding are the best options to keep your cost down.  Saving money on the wedding and reception can save a young couple more money for the honeymoon and other expenses associated with getting married.

Regardless of your ethnic background and budget, Northampton is a small town that is just perfect for simple, intimate and romantic wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions.

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