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Framingham, Middlesex County and all of Massachusetts are rich in history and tradition. This tradition is reflected in the beliefs of many brides and grooms when they start planning their wedding and searching for their dream wedding venue. The Framingham area has a long list of historic sites that could be part of any wedding plan. Each area of Framingham offer new possibilities. West Framingham, Downtown, South Framingham and the Golden Triangle each have a distinctive style that is reflected in the options for both indoor and outdoor wedding facilities.

For those planning a traditional religious wedding, Framingham has both new and historic churches and chapels. The First Baptist Church and the Saint John's Episcopal Church are two options that are on the historic register. Other historic site that may be considered for non-religous celebrations are Whit's Diner, Paul Gibbs House, Framingham Railroad Station, and the Moses Ellis House.

The Concord Square Historic District, Framingham Center Common Historic District, Irving Square Historic District, Saxonville Historic District and Sudbury Aqueduct Linear District each offer unique historic locations. Regardless of which district you live, you may want to check them all for potential wedding locations and reception halls.

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