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Roughly 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean and in the southern half of California, Salinas enjoys mild weather that make it an outstanding area for outdoor weddings.  The weather in Salinas can change are rapidly so it is important to have a backup indoor location. Many wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions achieved this by renting a large tent.  The wedding ceremony is usually not conducted underneath the tent but it can be moved underneath their tent in inclement weather.  All across California, is still common to have a church wedding.  This is no different in Salinas. Many couples with a strong religious background have their ceremony at their local church and then celebrate their reception at another location. 

If you are able to find a reception facility or reception site near your church, this can make for a simple and inexpensive way.  If you can not keep the wedding ceremony and wedding reception within a short distance, you may want to consider expanding your search into other areas and then finding a single facility for both.  Salinas is just a short distance away from the ocean so some couples move their wedding to the beach.  Salinas is a rich farm region and is frequently called "America's salad bowl". Some of the local farms may also be options for outdoor wedding ceremonies.  We hope that you find a list of wedding locations on this site useful and that you will return to help find other wedding professionals like photographers and caterers.

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