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Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine

3029 Midway Road
Southlake, Texas 76092

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Paradise Cove is a premier wedding/reception and special events facility in the DFW area. We take pride in every event that we do. Our exceptional staff is experienced in wedding consultation and coordination, banquet service, and customer service. We personalize your wedding with unmatched professionalism and integrity.
We will guide you through the process of planning your event from the moment you enter Paradise Cove to make it an effortless and fun experience. That's why when it's all said and done, you will think you're in Paradise!
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Contact: Tina Kirkpatrick
Phone: 817-329-1668
FAX: 817-488-1405
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I had my wedding at the Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine last July and was enticed by the venue by it's obviously beautiful location. I was also enticed by the "exceptional staff" and experienced wedding consultation that Tina, the owner, boasts. My attempts are to make this brief... My day was wonderful. I married the love of my life and the weather was perfect. However, Tina was rude and abrasive the day before my wedding, offensive to my husband when he made a simple request to ensure that the alcohol was secure, and all in all, left a terrible taste in all of our families' mouths by the end of the event. The DAY after my wedding, she sent me an email attempting to "dig" at my husband's concerns for the security of the alcohol we had spent over a thousand dollars on. When I received the email, I figured it would be some sort of "congratulatory" or "thank you for choosing our venue"; however, it was an insult and the emails that followed continued to escalate in their inappropriate and completely unprofessional nature. At one point in our back and forth emails, she said that she could have been "angry and offended that my husband asked her if the alcohol would be accounted for, but she was instead, trying to make a joke out of a not so humorous situation." I do not believe a "professional wedding consultant" should be angry and offended by valid and legitimate concerns; or think making a jab at my husband is making a "joke". There were many things she said that I have shared with people that continue to share in my opinion of how inappropriate and unprofessional she was; however, what sticks out in my mind was one of the last emails when she said, "Your day was perfect because we bent over backwards to make it so and therefore, I was offended when your husband asked that." One thing had nothing to do with the other and her pointing out that they bent over backwards was incredibly tacky. The place is extremely overpriced as it is and I would think that "bending over backwards" is where some of my thousands of dollars should have gone... without the "professional consultant and owner" pointing it out afterward. All in all, if I could do it all over again, I would still have gotten married at the Paradise Cove on my special day; however, I would not recommend this venue to another person. Everyone involved in my wedding found the owner incredibly abrasive and the way we were treated AFTER she had our money and our wedding was finished, was unacceptable. The place is booked up a year or two in advance, so I get why the lady thinks she can treat customers like that; however, there are other venues following the PC's lead and doing wedding venues on the lake, so I hope that there will soon be a place that has beautiful scenery and a truly professional consultant that lets you voice legitimate concerns and does not send you inappropriate, unprofessional, "joking" emails the day after you get married. I seriously couldn't believe it!!! Scenery does not make up for having to walk on eggshells to not offend someone who is supposed to be a professional and being treated like dirt after you have spent thousands of dollars somewhere. A thank you email the day after would have been nice, not an insult. She was extremely rude and was the only "bad memory" of the whole wonderful experience.
Paradise Cove
This place is perfect for weddings. I loved the staff and our wedding went off without a issues. I highly recommend the Paradise Cove
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