Wedding Venues And More

Zen Wedding Planning

Why is it that wedding planning is so stressful? Your
wedding day is one of the most significant days of
your life. You and your mate are making a huge
commitment. It is the start of a completely new
chapter of your life, where you have to some how meld
your life style with another person's life style. I
guess that can be sort of scary proposition. What can
you do to make your wedding planning less stressful?
I have a few ideas.

Always keep in mind the reason you are having a

You are getting married because you fell in love with
the person that you want to spend the rest of your
life with and you want to celebrate this union with
your friends and family. You are not having a wedding
to impress people. You are not having a wedding to
show people how much money you have or how beautiful
you are or how lucky you are or how much class or
taste you have. None of those things are important.
What is important is that you are making commitment to
a very special person and you want to share this by
having a ceremony and celebration with all the other
very special people in your life.

Let go of your expectations

I understand that you have your dreams and your vision
of how your perfect wedding will be, and I am telling
you to let go of it. All those expectations are going
to lead to disappointment. Realize up front there are
going to be misunderstandings, mistakes and
disagreements throughout the planning process. This
is how life works, The wedding venue you were hoping
for might be booked, the wedding dress you have been
eying may not look good on you, the caterer you wanted
went out of business. Look at these events as
opportunities. It just means there is something
better for you out there. By the way, things will go
wrong the day of your wedding. This is a good thing,
it just means you’ll have good stories to tell your
children and grandchildren.

Create a plan

Start planning your wedding well in advance. I would
say give your self at least six months unless you are
planning on eloping, which by the way still takes
planning. Make yourself a project plan with a time
line outlining when you plan to get things done.
Remember a project plan is just a 'plan', if something
takes longer than anticipated it is okay. The key to
a good plan is to set reasonable goals for your self
that are spread over a period of time, this is so your
not going insane trying to accomplish too many things
two weeks before your wedding.

Set priorities

Sit down with your mate and maybe your Mother and
figure out what are the priorities for your wedding.
Maybe it is the ceremony, the wedding dress, the food
at the reception or the champagne. Make a list of key
elements that are important to you and the other
interested parties on the wedding day. Now prioritize
those items. Take the top three to five items and
focus most of your attention on those items at the
beginning of your planning process so that those
elements happen as you would like them to.

Set a budget and stick to it

Do not go into debt for your wedding. Do not let your
parents go into debt for your wedding. Sit down with
your parents and have a open conversation about what
they can afford. Sit down with your future partner
and figure out how much money the two of you have to
spend on a wedding. Figure out how much money you can
save between now and when you are getting married.
Open a savings account specifically for your wedding
and start saving. Set your budget. List out all of
costs of the wedding, look at your priority list and
assign an amount to each item. Maybe you only have a
best man and maid of honor. Maybe you purchase a used
wedding dress. I made my own wedding invitations and
bought a $200 wedding dress from Ann Taylor.

Be open

Don’t have a narrow vision of all the little different
pieces that make up your wedding day. If you remain
open to different wedding ideas you will be surprised
at the lovely options that will be presented to you.
My husband and I decided that we wanted to get married
in Italy. We were not sure how or where this would
happen, but we didn’t worry about that too much. We
learned early on that actually getting married in
Italy was not that easy, since we are not Catholic.
That did not deter us. We did our research and found
out that in the state of Colorado it is very easy to
get married and that anyone could perform the
ceremony. We just had to go to the county clerks
office, pay 10 bucks and sign a paper stating that we
were not related. We around 10 people that were
planning to go to Italy with us, so we thought we
would just have one of those folks perform a ceremony
at some nice garden someplace. Well, my Sister
Amanda, who happens to be a judge, decided to go with
us too. That solved that problem. Amanda performs
wedding ceremonies all the time, so what could be more
perfect! We had no idea where we would get married.
We rented a villa just outside the city of Lucca. We
figured we would look around the area when we first
arrived and find a suitable location. I will never
forget the day my husband and I arrived at the villa.
My Mom and Dad were already there. My Mom said to me,
‘Come here. I want to show you something.’. She took
me behind our villa and there was this stretch of
grass with a bench, flowers everywhere and the most
beautiful view of the rolling hills of Tuscany. The
most perfect location for a wedding ceremony, right at
our own villa!

Keep it simple!

Stay away from elaborate plans. Elaborate plans set
you up for failure and disappointment. Have a simple,
but pretty dress. Have a easy simple menu that 90% of
your guest will enjoy. Keep the flowers simple, but
elegant. Keep the guest list small, you do not have
to invite everyone. You are not going to hurt
acquaintances feelings by not inviting them. You do
not have to invite everyone you work with. You do not
have to invite all your parent’s neighbors. Invite
the people that are involved in your life.

Meditate everyday

I think every one should meditate every day.
Meditating just makes everything better. Meditating
keeps the stress away. Start your day with at least
10 minutes of meditation. Clear your mind, focus on
your breathing and don’t think about anything.

Enjoy the process

Getting married is very exciting. Planning a wedding
and a reception can be a lot of fun. This your party
and you can do what ever you want. Have fun with it.
This can be a very bonding experience with your mate,
your family and your friends it you let it be. Don't
argue about silly meaningless things. Laugh about
silly meaningless things. Remember what is