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WebforWedding: Everything from Wedding Venues And Wedding Services to Wedding Songs.

<p> <a href="'">WebforWedding</a>: Everything from <a href=""> Wedding Venues And Wedding Services </a> to <a href="">Wedding Songs.</a> </p>


Photographers, Venues And Wedding songs

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Web design programs are HTML, graphic-based or both. If you can see HTML in your web site editor, use the sample HTML code generated below. Simple paste the code on your desired page and upload.

Link Using An HTML Editor

If you use one of the simple web site creation packages then the process is slightly more difficult.

Linking Using A Graphic Editor


First create a line of text that includes your city like "Austin Wedding Photographers" or "Atlanta Wedding Receptions"

Then select it on the page (select the phrase while editing a text box, not the entire text box itself). Then click Inspector (if the Inspector palette isn’t already open).


  1. Choose the right-most tab, which has a picture of a curved arrow.
  2. Select the Enable As A Hyperlink checkbox to make the selected text or picture into a link.
  3. Then from the pop-up menu select the type of link you want to create: link to an external site.
  4. Then type in the address for the page fro the nearest city page (ie:
  5. Then unclick the Make all hyper-links inactive

That's it.

Using Other Standard Graphic Editors

  1. First create a line of text that includes your city name like "Austin Wedding Photographers" or "Atlanta Wedding Receptions". This text can be seen in your confirmation email.
  2. Highlight the phrase and click insert, Hyperlink. In some programs, you may be able to right click and choose "insert hyperlink" or "make hyperlink".
  3. Then type in the address of the page for the nearest city page (ie: This is included in your email confirmation. It must include the http://www.
  4. Then upload your new page.

That's it.

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