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At WebforWedding, you can get either the basic or the PREMIUM listing for FREE to independently-owned businesses! We also offer a reasonably priced Platinum service. *Click here to make sure that your wedding business qualifies.

Here is how our competitors do it:
Web Site Cost Notes (Seattle) $300 - $900/year Limited photos, no maps, no web site on lower price listings, No Video or audio. Up to $2400/year You get lost with over 1.5 million listings including Chuck-E-Cheese. There are advertisements for other businesses on YOUR page. There is Huge clutter on YOUR page that distracts from your business. Up to $495/year Free basic with no thumbnail, $295 for a listing with thumbnail but no web site, $495 for Premium with thumbnail and shows your web site.

Here is how we do it.
Feature Basic Premium
Photos 1 + thumbnail

10 + thumbnail (minimum of 1 photo required)

Text Limited to about 35 words Essentially Unlimited
Contact Information Phone and address shown on city page only Full Details On Your Page
Unique ebrochure Page No Yes
Unique URL for ebrochure No Yes
Google map No Yes
Control panel Yes View traffic details
Review management No Yes
Link to your web site No URL Shownfree wedding business advertising
Link From Your web site to WebforWedding No Required for Free Listing
(Myspace links do not qualify)
List in Multiple cities No Yes
Advertising on your page "Basic Plus" listings have advertising on the page No advertising on the top or side of your ebrochure page
Location in all lists Third Group Second Group
(only Platinum Listings above)
Restrictions None None
Estimated Traffic Depends on the location Over 10 times the traffic of basic listings

Your ebrochure looks like this:

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During the past 5 years, our free wedding directory was centered on free advertising for wedding reception locations and wedding venues. We are currently in the process of releasing pages for other wedding service providers. By providing free e-brochures, we hope to build the complete directory of small, unique and special wedding spots. As a small business ourselves, we favor the small wedding organizaions that really need Free sources of advertising. Many of the listings on this site were generated by WebforWedding in order the start building the directory. As we become more competitive against the dominant wedding sites, we will split the directory into groups to highlight photographers, caterers, entertainers, and other wedding services.

If you are caterer or beverage service that specializes in wedding services. You are welcome to add yourself to the directory. Once the directory has sufficient catering content, we will release a new portion of the web site that focuses on just catering. This will probably come in 2nd phase. The current phase is building Free wedding catering listings. The next phase will be segregating the catering content but still showing it on the same city-based pages as the venues. The final phase is to release a set of city-based catering-only pages for each city. Once we have at least 3-5 caterers in a local area, the page is worth creating.

If you are a wedding photographer or videographer, we invite you to show off your art by adding up to 10 photos. In the future we, will be adding a flash photo viewer that will continuously scroll through your photos on your e-brochure page. We also have several other great feature coming up in the next few months. As mentioned before, we are currently focused on wedding location during our first phase of startup but long-term we plan to showcase all the resources required to plan and hold a wedding and reception.

If you operate a limousine service, B & B, spa, salon, or other wedding service provider, please add yourself to the directory. Once we have enough services listed in a city, we will release a service-specific page into the directory.

The WebforWedding directory is based on providing FREE listings in the hope that services will link to our site. We need links to get traffic from the search engines. If we get enough incoming links, we will be able to outrank the competition and drive more customers to your business. Thanks for trying WebforWedding.


Top Wedding Site *If you would to apply for a free Platinum listing, please contact us and include your web site URL and a short description why your business is the "best of the best". Platinum members must be well established wedding service providers that are outstanding in their field. If you see the "WebforWedding Top Wedding Site" logo on a web site, you know they are the "best of the best". Here is a sample of the graphic for our Platinum members.