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Custom Wedding Websites

A custom wedding web site is the perfect way to keep the memory of your wedding ceremony for years to come. For as little as $200, you can have a site built and hosted just for you.

These sites are amazing cool yet affordable because they are based on a common template. Developer takes hundreds of hours perfecting the template and then for a small cost, they merge in your photos. The result is an interface to your photos that is better than any paper photo album. The best web templates are based on flash technology. Flash allows motion and music integrated with your photos.

The motion includes humming birds, cupid flying around, gentle snow, floating hearts, blooming flowers, floating stars, spinning wedding rings and flying butterflies. You might think is was cheesy if you don't see how tastefully it is done.

Flash Wedding websites also may include family photos, a guest list, contact information, poems and highlights of the ceremony.

On the sample site included here, I included photos from the honeymoon too. The ceremony and honeymoon were both in Italy. After we returned home, we had the reception. The sample site includes a separate tab for the reception. (no connection to this site) is an international company that provides this service.