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Recommendations for Wedding Champagne and Wine

The decision to serve alcohol at the reception is usually based on the religious background of the couple and the couples family. In my family, it isn't a celebration without the right beverage. I recommend serving only beer and wine at weddings to limit just how crazy things get. The next level is to serve limited mixed drinks.
If you chose to serve drinks, you can have self serve or have a bartender who can monitor and limit drinks. A bartender is usually part of the catering company.

It is traditional at less religious wedding to serve Champaign. Usually the bride and groom have an expensive bottle (like the Veuve Cliquot) while the rest of the crowd drinks less expensive Champaign. A Cava is an excellent choice since it is less dry and will be enjoyed by more people. My goal is to introduce people to something new that surprises them. A nice sweet Champaign can do just that since most people have mostly consumed cheap dry Champaign that they did not really like. The Champaign recommended here will reduce hangovers since they are higher quality.

Wedding Champaign:

Veuve Cliquot : ---------------------------------------------$32-40 /bottle

White Wine:

Yellow Tail Chardonnay 2004--------------------------------5-7 /bottle
This wine is relatively sweet and mild so will appeal to a wider group.

Red Wine

Rodney Strong Merlot 2002 -----------------------------------$16 /bottle