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Think of Indian weddings and you probably envision the Bollywood (an informal name given to the popular Mumbai-based Hindustani language film industry in India) version as seen in movies like 'Hum Apake Hain Koun'. These movies portrayed Indian weddings in a glamorous and vivid manner. It is true that Indian marriages are known for their opulent and splendor but there is much more to an Indian wedding than just the superficial glaze. Historically, the customs and rituals of Indian weddings are traditional and orthodox but today's weddings have acquired a more modern style of celebration. The core aspect of Indian wedding has changed very little. This speaks to the strong traditions of the Indian people. The wedding ceremony is more than the coming together of the bride and the groom. It is the joining of two families. The ceremony starts the integration of two families with different background into to a single family. Indian marriages are a beautiful display of commitment, love, concern, and emotion. Over the years, the celebration aspect of Indian wedding has undergone a change. With the influence of American culture and more hectic lifestyles, many people are going for court marriages which are hassle free and involves less time. Still there are lots of couples who like to get married in the traditional way. In traditional Indian wedding ceremonies, the brides wear pink and red saris on their wedding day. The bride will adorn herself with as much jewelry as possible. Henna staining, a temporary tatoo, is still practiced by some Indian brides. On the eve of her wedding ceremony the bride will have traditional ceremonial cleansing followed by having her hands and feet painted in beautiful paisley or medallion patterns. For most Indian families, marriage is the most important social event of their lives. The customs and rituals of the marriages may vary according to the region but they always reflecting the rich and diverse cultures of India. Indian weddings speak are about Indian culture, tradition and heritage. A traditional wedding ceremony rituals reflect the true regional culture of India and are a joyous occasion for all involved..