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Las Vegas Wedding

It may not be romantic but it sure is fun. Every year thousand of couples decide to do elope to Las Vegas. For many brides and groom, the simplicity of a Las Vegas wedding is the deciding factor. Once you remove the family from the decision. A simple and fun wedding is a great way to get the most for your money. With all the recent theme hotel in Las Vegas, it is like traveling to another country without a passport, long flight, translator, or big expense account.

With hotels like the Belagio, the Parisain, and Luxor, you can get a cheap glimps of Italy, France or Egypt for a fraction of the cost of going there. Plus you can travel from one resort to another with a quick 15 minute walk. There is so much more to Vegas than just gambling. The the wedding couple, you can get a suite that includes a hot tub and room service so you never need to leave the room. Of course you will want to cruise the Vegas strip and maybe see a show or two. One of the best shows in Vegas is O. This water show is like no other show in the world.

Another Vegas wedding highlight is the spas. There are are over 100 day spas in the Vegas area and there is no better way to take care of your new bride than a day at the spa. After a day of message, international shows and a fantastic dinner at one of the 5-star restaurants, you won't care what country you are in. Is is bliss.

Another great perk of Vegas is the abundance of small wedding chapels that can make even a quick ceremony something to remember. Many of the cute little chapel can work a package deal to make the entire event more affordable. It is getting a little old but the saying is still good - "what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" so get a little crazy and make the honeymoon something special. You can rent a variety of sports cars on the Vegas strip so you can go for a long drive and see other parts of Nevada. Whether you stay the weekend or for several weeks, there is plenty to keep you busy in Las Vegas. If you want a quick and simple wedding, Las Vegas is a great option.