Getting Your Perfect Wedding Style! Ten Tips to Get You There!

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I can’t believe that the Your Wedding Experience Philadelphia Show is almost here! I’ve enjoyed our time getting to know each other and I can’t wait to meet you all at the event. Today is one of my last Tips & Trends posts, and over the past few weeks, I’ve shared lots of thoughts about how to find wedding attire and ideas for what to wear, but you might not know which element to focus on first when planning.

You’ll make lots of decisions that lead up to your wedding style, and you need a little outline for the steps to take to go from defining your overall vision, to actually having those elements become a part of your day. So, how do you get there? Like anything else, it’s just series of small steps. Here is my top ten list of the things to focus on to get you to that goal!


Image and jewelry from David Tutera Embellish

  1. When, Where, and How Much?Try to know your dates, location, and budget before making big decisions about attire. Changes to any of these factors can have a big impact and add expense! However, once you know these elements, they’ll make other decisions much easier.
  2. Research and Collect.Go to wedding shows like Your Wedding Experience to get an idea of your options and to meet the people who can help you with your wedding! Also look to wedding blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram for sources of inspiration.
  3. Be Open to Inspiration. When you take a break from online dreaming and planning, see what influences you when you’re out and about.  You might find a fun detail at a thrift store, or a piece of art that inspires your wedding color palette. Get plenty of inspiration and ideas, but also know when it’s time to make a decision.
  4. Share the Vision. Once you decide on your overall look, color schemes, and style, capture these ideas in one place — through Pinterest, a planning binder, or inspiration board — to easily share with your wedding planner, wedding party, and vendors. Edit it so that it reflects the ideas that matter most to you, and so that it’s not overwhelming or unclear to you or to anyone else you might be working with.
  5. Timing + Preparation. Make a check list and timeline for the pieces of attire you’ll need for you as a couple and everyone in your wedding.  This will help you check it all off as you make progress, and decide which things you can delegate to other people. Keep your wedding timeline in mind, and know when you need to order your key pieces, and which things you can do closer to the big day. Keep in mind that attire often needs to be ordered as much as 8 months ahead of time, and can go out of season. Be sure you and others to try on everything and get the whole effect!
  6. Work with the Pros. Find boutiques and wedding attire vendors who share your vision and provide excellent customer service. Get to know their work and reputation through meeting them in person, as well as social media.
  7. Follow Your Heart. Make decisions based on what you as a couple love and what you consider your personal style! Don’t try to please everyone else or do something just to follow a trend.
  8. Easy Does It. Nearly every element of your wedding– from the invitation to the shoes — is an opportunity to bring in your wedding style, but don’t stress out if a little detail doesn’t happen or things don’t exactly match. Once you’re in your wedding venue, you’ll be surprised by how much the little details become part of the whole big space. In the big scale of things all that matters is that you celebrate finding the person of your dreams, and cherish being surrounded by the people who love you the most!
  9. Make a Memory. Include pieces that will last after the day and create a memory. Jewelry, shoes, or a signature scent can be worn again to bring back those happy memories. (Hint to make this happen: Join me at Your Wedding Experience Philadelphia where I’ll be hosting a DIY Perfume Bar where you can create your signature scent!)
  10. Be Joyful! Remember to smile and enjoy yourself and take time for just the two of you! No matter how perfect everything else looks, your smile and genuine happiness on the day makes for the best look of all.