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Wedding Stationery – When Do You buy Them?

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When do I buy the wedding stationery? If not purchased, ordered or sent at the right moment, this can mean half of your wedding guests not arriving on your special day. To avoid such scenario and other mishaps, take these pieces of advice by heart when it comes to purchasing wedding stationery.

Wedding Stickers And their Creative Uses

Do you remember the time when you first met your future spouse? It could have been a moment of awe when you gazed upon the beautiful creature that you instantly fell in love with. Or it could have been more of a friendship unfolding into a love story slowly but surely kind of thing. Whatever it was, there’s nothing you can do to erase that moment in your mind. And another undeletable moment is here to come and it’s no other than your wedding day.

Because it’s ultra special for the both of you, you want to polish the event down to the smallest details. Yes, even those tiny ribbons and laser die-cut cards need to be personalized. And who can forget wedding stickers? These items are so versatile, you’ll find not one or two but more uses for it on your big day. You find that hard to believe? Take a good look at the following creative uses of wedding stickers and be convinced.


The memories of your wedding are more than enough token for the guests. But you’re not contented with that. You want them to feel a lot more special and you do that by bequeathing them with memorable wedding favors to take home with them.

Whatever type of wedding favor you choose to give, stickers can do a great job to seal it, accent it, or prettify it. For example, if you choose to give away packets of sweet treats, use the sticker to seal the favor bag. If you’re handing out mini potted plants, place a sticker on the surface of the pot containing your special message of thanks.

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Custom wedding invitation seals, whether a simple monogram initial or your full names in funky fonts, can definitely up your wedding by a notch or two. But that’s not all. Aside from sealing the envelopes, stickers can also be used as décor for the invitation card itself. Paisley stickers or floral border stickers can transform a plain invitation card into one that exudes sophistication. Or you can be playful, and add embossed stickers of star fish and flip flops on your beach wedding invite.

Activity Bags for Kids

If you’re the type of bride who welcomes the innocent charming smiles of children in her wedding, then be sure to equip these energetic little ones with activity bags to keep them occupied. Fill activity bags with coloring books, crosswords, puzzles, and of course, stickers! These items will definitely keep them entertained while their parents have fun in celebrating. The stickers can also be used for sealing the activity bags or as rewards for completed activities.

Wedding Car

Wedding car bouquet, “just married banner” and dangling little tin cans—these are the top things you can think of when it comes to decorating the wedding car. But don’t stop at these.

A terrific idea is to make use of stickers, particularly decals that are specifically designed for glass surfaces, to decorate the wedding car in line with the theme. For example, if you’re thinking of having a retro-themed celebration, stick “make love not war” or “so groovy to get hitched” decals on your wedding car.