Wedding Magic and Illusion to Keep Your Guests Entertained

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Wedding magic is inevitably supplied by wedding magicians; a form of walkabout entertainment that we love here on the blog. Having a close up magician impress your guests with mind-blowing illusions and clever tricks to make you question your own mind is not only fabulous entertainment, that will give your nearest and dearest a very memorable time but it will also keep everyone busy!

A lull that occurs when your photographer unexpectedly drags you off a couple of miles down the road to get some coupley shots. (That always happens, don’t kid yourself it won’t – and canapés can only keep them busy for so long…!)

Chris Peskett is a Birmingham magician with a fab range of tricks

Kids and adults alike are partial to a bit of magic and mystery and wedding magicians are also brilliant ice breakers! You’ll experience the added bonus of your guests having become fully acquainted with one another before you get back from your photo posing. But don’t feel left out!

A good close up magician always saves his best tricks for the bride and groom. The pair of you will be privvy to exciting tricks, which will make your big day feel just that little bit more special! So what do wedding magicians actually do? Let me give you an example:

The Wedding Magic of Chris Peskett!

I’ve got a video of a magician in action here to show you and here’s a little tip – if you want the best you want Chris Peskett! He’s been involved in magic for 14 years, is a member of “The Magic Circle” and has performed his astonishing tricks in venues up and down the country.

He gets consistently great reviews but if you don’t believe me, see for yourself and check out his videos! Can you work out how it’s done? Answers on a postcard please (although I doubt he’ll ever divulge!!) Anyway, if you’d like to grab some great wedding magic for your own big day, you can get hold of Chris by email: or phone: 0800 0430 969!